10 Tips for healthy & happy Fish Ownership


1.     Educate Yourself: Dig into the specifics about fish ownership before you buy

2.     Plan Ahead: Have a game plan in place in case you are ever unable to care for your fish

3.     Buy Local: Ask your retailer about their fish return policy

4.     Go Native: Whenever possible, buy fish native to the area where you live



5.     Live Together: Make sure the fish you purchase are compatible with each other and your aquarium

6.     Stay Healthy: Monitor you fish’s health for a long happy life


Happy Endings

7.     Find a Home: If you can’t care for your fish, look for friends or clubs who may help find a home

8.     Return Me: Ask your retailer if they will take the fish back if you are unable to care for it

9.     Consider Pet Amnesty Day: Turn in your pet at Florida’s Pet Amnesty Days, no questions asked

10.  Research Humane Alternatives: Research humane ways to put down your fish as a last resort


And remember: Never release pets into the wild!

It’s bad for the pet and bad for the environment